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Between 2000 and 2010 Missouri's older population increased more rapidly than the state population overall

According to recently released 2010 Census data that now include age cohorts, the Missouri population age 65 and over increased by 11 percent over the decade and those 85 and over increased by 15 percent. Overall, Missouri's population grew by 7% between 2000 and 2010. In 2010, nearly 840,000 Missourians (14%) were over 65 in 2010 and nearly 114,000 (2%) were over 85 years old. Two maps show the relative concentration of older Missourians by county. These increases do not reflect the impact of the soon to be retiring "Baby Boom" generation. Moreover, the interrelationship with other demographic factors is complex. OSEDA will be publishing additional reports in the next few weeks. View the overall Missouri 2010 demographic profile.

Percent Population Age 65 and Older

KIDS COUNT in Missouri Data Book released with mixed results for Missouri's kids

The KIDS COUNT in Missouri 2013 Data Book updates information on measures of child well-being for the state, its 114 counties and St. Louis City. By highlighting trends and comparing geographic areas, the project educates users about the condition of Missouri's children and encourages citizen action to improve their lives. Read more...

Missouri Kids Count Composite County Rankings

First sub-state 2010 census data released

The first sub-state level complete counts from the 2010 Census have been released as part of the "Public Law File" that will be used for reapportionment and redistricting. Summary tables are available through the Missouri State Census Data Center: Missouri Trend Report 1: State and Counties. OSEDA will be producing trend reports and analyses over the next several weeks at many levels of geography. View OSEDA county level maps. Included are maps of the 2010 final counts of the hispanic population. In many parts of Missouri previous population estimates have undercounted the hispanic population. For a preliminary analysis of difference between estimates and final 2010 counts see: 2010 Census vs. Official Post-Censal County Estimates for Missouri. Also, the Census Bureau Site includes an interesting interactive graphic of trends.

Census Bureau Interactive Graphic Tool Image

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